Our Mission

Our Vision

Asia Careers Society began with the aim to function as the platform for students exploring careers in the areas of banking, law, accountancy, consultancy and the like. Being home to many of the fastest growing and largest economies in the world, Asia serves as witness to the ever increasing number of opportunities across the continent that the society hopes to connect students to.


Our founders sought to bridge the gap between students of all walks of life, and the information, opportunities, and resources they needed to complement their aspirations. Their aim to enable and empower still remains true today. As the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, the professional society that started in the London School of Economics soon found similar organisations emerging in different universities across the UK, grounding the society's importance and influence in shaping the career prospects of UK students.

Our Divisions

What We Do

The society is composed of three core divisions: the Events Team, Asia Careers Journal, and the Marketing Division. 


The Events team is the front-line division of the Society and is divided into two divisions - Banking & Business and Law. We host two annual flagship events in relation to these 2 divisions. These are:


  • Asia Exposure (Banking & Business) [Hong Kong, Beijing]

  • Legal Insight (Law) [Hong Kong]

We also co-host Springboard Singapore with LSESU Singapore Society since 2016.


We regularly invite firms to hold information sessions and company presentations on campus. In addition, we host a variety of events: discussion panels, career talks and forums, networking sessions, student mentoring programs, mock interviews and application tips sessions. In offering companies access to our growing membership database, we serve as the perfect channel for respective firms to recruit business graduates of the highest calibre from one of the world's most prestigious universities.


To find out more about our events, please click on the "Events" tab of our website.

The Journal

Founded in 2011, the team actualises the 'resource' and 'information' aspects of our mission.


We focus primarily on researching, writing, and publishing the society's annual flagship journal, the Asia Careers Journal (ACJ). As the first of its kind, the journal serves as the Society's voice for introducing and promoting career prospects in Asia to all students studying in London who are interested. Topics therein range from the latest business trends and cutting edge developments in multiple industries to insights on the working lives in different countries on the continent.


We also issue articles on this website concerning current trends and affairs in the APAC region, and publish reflections on the society's events for the benefit of both students and our sponsors. 

To find out more about what we do and to access online copies of the Journal, please click on the "Journal" tab of our website.

Keynote Events
  • Asia Exposure

  • Legal Insight

  • ​Asia Careers Journal

  • Mentoring Opportunities

  • Internship Panels

  • Networking Events 

  • CV supervision

  • Mock interviews