Our Mission

The Asia Careers Journal

The Asia Careers Journal (ACJ) is the society's flagship journal and serves as our voice for introducing and promoting career prospects in Asia to all students studying in London who are interested. Every year, the research division publishes a new issue which marks the culmination of our efforts on the information front. The division consists of and welcomes individuals who possess a deep understanding of current affairs, as well as the ability to process and analyse highly qualitative information and quantitative data. We firmly believe that, as students ourselves, we best understand what students want to know, what best assists them in their pursuits, and how to deliver information that is accessible, comprehensible and engaging. Articles tend to feature content from technical matters such as the equities, FOREX and derivatives markets, as well as issues that relate to society more, such as gender inequality and brain drain.


We hope to fulfill our mission to equip students with the right resources and information, and we kindly invite you to join us in our journey!

The Asia Careers Blog

The Asia Careers blog is an informal, and subsidiary platform, to our flagship Journal. The blog is published and updated regularly by our team, and provides relevant and up-to-date information concerning current trends and affairs in the APAC region. 


We recognise that current affairs are prone to change rapidly and opportunities arise as quickly as they shutter - our aim is to distill such information into easily accessible articles for our readers. While our flagship Journal gives a bird eye's view, the blog keeps our readership updated as things happen more close to the ground. 

In addition to this, we endeavour to publish reflections on the society's events for the benefit of both students and our sponsors.