The Events Team

We are the front-line division of the society and are divided into two main divisions, the Banking and Business division and the Law division. We host two main annual flagship events. These are:

  • Asia Exposure (Banking and Business)

  • Legal Insight (Law)


We regularly invite firms to hold information sessions and company presentations on campus. Students are able to network with representatives from firms at these sessions and gain insights into how an internship or job can be landed. In addition, we host a variety of events that are highly beneficial to participants - discussion panels, career talks and forums, mock interviews and application tips sessions. We sometimes collaborate with other societies from both LSE and other London universities to host such events, which have included CV sessions in the past with LSE Enactus and UCL ABACUS.


In offering companies access to our growing membership database, we serve as the perfect channel for a two-way process, in which respective firms can recruit business graduates of the highest calibre from one of the world's most prestigious universities, and students can learn and gain experience from the firms.



Mission Statement

The legal industry is a sector that LSESU ACS members have shown immense interest in. The Law Events Team acts as the platform for our members to explore career prospects surrounding the legal industry. We regularly invite firms to hold information sessions and company presentations where students can learn how to land an internship or a job in a law firm. In addition, we hold and coordinate discussion panels, networking sessions, internship panels, mock interviews and application tips session. We also serve as the perfect channel for respective firms to recruit law graduates of the highest calibre from one of the world most prestigious universities.

Banking and Business

Mission Statement


As interest in Asia grows, our mission is to bring students who aim for a career in finance in Asia closer to their dreams. We provide students with opportunities through events such as internship panels, CV checks and firm visits. Our experience shows us that our efforts and services allow students to build a solid network with people already working in or have experience in working in Asia, and we are keen to expand our ambitions by actively promoting and organizing firm events and job opportunities throughout the year. As the only career society at the LSE which caters to those aspiring to work in Asia, we give our members unparalleled exposure in their applications for finance-related jobs in Asia.



Keynote Events and Highlights

Asia Exposure

A five-day event in Hong Kong where 30 students from our targeted universities visit various top-tier financial institutions. With consistently high turnout rates and positive feedback, we aim to service our members by making every annual Asia Exposure more sophisticated and of a larger scale.

Legal Insight

Legal Insight is a week-long programme in late August that allows LSE students to gain a comprehensive overview of the legal industry through presentations, networking events and case study sessions held by prestigious law firms. A counterpart to our Asia Exposure programme, it is equally as successful and we hope to promote this invaluable opportunity to more aspiring lawyers.

Asia Careers Journal

The Asia Careers Journal (ACJ) is composed of a regular biweekly online blog, and an annual flagship Journal that is published both online and distributed to interested students amongst universities in London. The ACJ aspires to help students navigate the often vast and complex terrain of current affairs and to increase commercial awareness. 

Spring and Summer Internship Panels

We host annual panels whereby we invite successful applicants in their penultimate and final year who have secured internships from bulge bracket firms, management consultancies, prestigious accounting firms, and law firms to share their experiences regarding the application process. These are always well-received, especially with the ever-increasing competitiveness within the banking and legal industries.

CV Supervision

We also offers sessions during term time where penultimate and final year students offer to review the CVs of students. Supervisors are chosen based on their track records, and we hope to give ambitious students an edge during application season.

Networking Sessions

We host networking sessions throughout the year. These events aim to give students a chance to gain first-hand information about worklife, culture, and experiences in Asia.

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