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Book Sale


Our book sale service connects senior year students looking to sell their old books and notes to incoming freshers and other students looking to buy second-hand texts. We offer book sales for subjects including but not limited to Law, Economics, Actuarial Science and Accounting and Finance.

Simply fill in the respective Google forms and we will try our best pair you up with a buyer/seller, from whom you'll get/sell your books, notes and maybe some personal tips too!


Law: https://goo.gl/KsoJ9o

Econ-related: https://goo.gl/vraSWf


Law: https://goo.gl/C1xZz2

Econ-related: https://goo.gl/YuuRBm

NB Economics related Subjects include Economics and/with another subject, Management, Accounting and Finance, Actuarial Science and the like